Jenna's Promise - Rae of Hope (Women): Johnson
Jenna's Promise - Rae of Hope (Women)

Jenna’s Promise Rae of Hope Sober Home was created with the fundamental belief that people can recover from addiction and trauma with the support of a positive community.  At Rae of Hope, we ask that residents arrive with the desire and motivation to embark on a holistic journey towards wellness. Our mission is to minimize barriers to success while empowering residents to create a network of support. The home offers a trauma-informed, structured housing approach, utilizing mental health/substance use treatment, education/vocation, and community connections to support client-centered recovery from addiction and psychological trauma. 

Rae of Hope is Vermont’s first Level 3 Recovery Residence, certified by the Vermont Alliance for Recovery Residences. Residents have access to a live-in House Manager and Program Manager to provide service coordination and case management as well as all other supports and services offered by Jenna’s Promise to support them in their recovery journey. Rae of Hope recognizes that recovery is individual, however, will provide consistent routines and expectations to promote success. Rae of Hope utilizes a person-centered and strengths-based approach to support residents by working collaboratively to create individualized treatment plans, Wellness Action, and Relapse Prevention Plans. Residents will be encouraged to create their Circle of Support and Accountability (COSA) teams. Team members can include providers, therapists, community volunteers, and natural supports. Participants will meet weekly with their COSA teams during the first phase of recovery to support individuals in identifying their strengths and progress made towards goal areas while also actively planning to address any challenges that may arise.  

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